The Watcher Episode 010

In the conclusion of our three part series on the “tripod” of Republican support, we look Foreign Interventionists, aka The Neocons, and we finally see why Frank Herbert said the most unstable political foundation is the tripod.

Follow and support our friend Lance Cooper, founder of this Save Flint Challenge to provide clean water for Flint. Find Lance on Twitter.

Here’s some breaking news:

Lance Cooper has a new project and it’s exciting and inspiring.

Here’s a snippet from Lance, about The Captain Marvel Challenge:

“This time it’s all about Captain Marvel! The girls I’m raising funds for are students in our youth program, and students in the RVA community. Two unforgettable things happened recently that made me accept the #CaptainMarvelChallenge. First, Brie Larson (who captures the role of Captain Marvel perfectly) supported my campaign for Flint. Her support helped a lot of people get clean water, and showed me she’s a true superhero. Then shortly after, one of the donors said to me in a Facebook comment, “Time to work on ‘Captain Marvel’ for the young ladies to see a heroine save it all!” With ‘Captain Marvel’ this is another great chance for us to plant creative seeds of empowerment within young girls minds, and ignite limitless possibilities for them to succeed in helping the world.”

If you listened closely, you’ll see I mentioned

Check them out, their work is incredible, who knows, it might be of use to you.

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