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The Watcher Episode 004

In which we discuss The Myth of American Success and Rugged Individualism.

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The Watcher Episode 003

In which we talk talk about how republicans co-opted American political language and moved the debate permanently to the right.

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The Watcher Podcast, Episode 002

In which Fen tells Conor some bone-chilling stories about Saint Ronald Reagan, and Conor tells Fen what a sleeveen is.  

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The Watcher Podcast Episode 001

In which we talk about the politicization of the American justice system.

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The Watcher Podcast, Episode 0

In which Conor and Richard discuss a few of the ways the Republican party got to where it is in 2018.   This is classed as episode zero as it was sort of our proof-of-concept episode, but we liked how it turned out and we decided to share it.  

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